Sundays at 11 AM (10 AM July-August)
10 Parish St., Dorchester, MA 02122

On the Occasion of the 387th Anniversary

"...So I want to ask- what builds the self-confidence  which enables a vision to take root and flourish? Many things, I think, actually-  things like trust among members and with ministers,  things like a worship life and spiritual practice  that grows the soul.  The thing I want to lift up this morning is self-knowledge.  Think for a moment of someone you know  who knows himself, or herself, or their-self very well.  Don’t you feel good in their presence,  for there is an ease to them,  a quiet self-confidence.  Are they not like a tree with deep roots,  Grounded and flexible, with no need to be  anyone other than who they are? I have observed that the more one knows oneself,  the better able we are to make good decisions, and to live worthy lives...."

Read the full sermons here, delivered by Bruce Shatswell and Rev. Tricia Brennan