Sundays at 11 AM (10 AM July-August)
10 Parish St., Dorchester, MA 02122

On the Occasion of the 387th Anniversary

"...So I want to ask- what builds the self-confidence  which enables a vision to take root and flourish? Many things, I think, actually-  things like trust among members and with ministers,  things like a worship life and spiritual practice  that grows the soul.  The thing I want to lift up this morning is self-knowledge.  Think for a moment of someone you know  who knows himself, or herself, or their-self very well.  Don’t you feel good in their presence,  for there is an ease to them,  a quiet self-confidence.  Are they not like a tree with deep roots,  Grounded and flexible, with no need to be  anyone other than who they are? I have observed that the more one knows oneself,  the better able we are to make good decisions, and to live worthy lives...."

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