Sundays at 11 AM (10 AM July-August)
10 Parish St., Dorchester, MA 02122

Community Service & Social Justice

Current Projects

FPD's Social Justice Committee currently sponsors ongoing work with:

Also serving the larger Bowdoin/Geneva and Fields Corner neighborhoods, FPD is an important resource for Dorchester’s Vietnamese, African-American, Caribbean, Irish, Latino, Haitian, and Cape Verdean residents. We collaborate whevever we can with educators, health-care providers, and local civic groups to increase community engagement and alleviate hunger, violence, racism, and other effects of poverty. A broad list of our collaborators can be found on our Partners page. 

"Ministers and lay-leaders from this congregation have been committed to a larger vision and mission of who we are as a community since the beginning."
—Reverend Art Lavoie's sermon "My Dorchester, Your Dorchester, Our Dorchester," September 30, 2012.